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about us

We are working since 2008 with the intension to serve indian textile industry and trade for ensuring their quality of final product made. This is possible by controlling incoming quality of fibre/ yarn/ fabric and garment accessories and chemicals and also quality of final product made.

We offer total quality solutions at every stage of manufacturing.

Our Aim

To keep in close touch with customer, understand his requirement technically and deliver value for his money.

Our Goal

Ever science inception we have always grown exceptionally well year by year. This is the result of our dedication, pursuance and efficeient service. We want to ensure this growth rate and become leader in the field of textile testing and quality contrl equipment field.

Importance of Textile Industry in India

Textile Industry in India is of 52 billion USD size and is growing 11 % annually. It is the second largest employment earner in India. It enjoys efficient multi fibre raw material base, skilled labor,manufacturing excellence large capacity, good product mix and diversity of product range. It earns 27 % of foreign exchange for country and accounts to 14 % of industrial production.

Domestic garment Industry is sized at 3.46 billion USD and is powered by growing purchase power of Indian national.

But the industry suffers from threat of increased global competition post 2005 trade regime under WTO. Hence it is imperative to strengthen the quality of product which helps in customer satisfication, increased value of product, establish brand name, increase reputation and profits, reduces rejections and claims, saves time and money and ensures regular business.

We are committed to serve textile industry and trade with our range of product quality testing equipments to ensure quality of textile product produced by the manufacturer / exporter.